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Modern living room wall art gift decoration mosaic animal cross stitch embroidery set. The bright color is easy to distinguish, the lattice is square without deviation, and the quality embroidery thread does not fade. Quality can stand the test, our pursuit of quality is to make you more satisfied. This is DIY, non finished products need to be done by yourself. This product does not come with photo frame, if need to buy separately.

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Embroidery method is simple and easy to learn. To put it simply, as long as you find the corresponding line number according to the marks on the drawing,
find the lattice that should be embroidered on the cotton cloth, and embroider a full needle (that is, make an "X") inside the lattice, which is a bit like sewing buttons.
Moreover, the direction of pressing thread should be consistent in order to embroider exquisite works. People without sewing experience can learn it in only two minutes.
Please note that.
1. This is DIY kit , not a finished product.
2. The dimensions are manually measured and there may be an error of 1 to 2cm in size. Please refer to the actual product.
3. Pictures are taken in kind.Differences color between some products and pictures due to different display configurations and personal understanding of color, etc.. Please refer to the actual product.
4. The printed fabric must not touch the water before the embroidery is completed, otherwise the pattern will disappear.The printed fabric can be soaked in water after the embroidery is completed until the dye is washed off.
5. We accept retail and wholesale.Please contact me for wholesale price if you are interested.

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